Capsule Elevator

Capsule elevators can be the gem of prestigious buildings and architectural marvels. They enhance the look and appeal of the structure and its design, features and options serve optimum transition comfort between floors. They are aesthetically designed and planned with attractive interiors and large glass viewing panels.

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stretcher elevator

Stretcher Elevator

The Hospitals and Medical services Industry involves critical life saving activities Which include carrying Patients to Various Floors for Various Reasons. The Hospital Elevators are Designed to perform Day in and Day out with Outstanding Accuracy to save time, level precisely, offer a Smooth Travel and be energy Efficient. This Hospital Elevator is Designed to Carry Hospital Beds (Stretcher) along with few persons. It is also designed to carry Bulky Hospital Equipment floor. As this is a Mission critical Equipment for your Building, we Guarantee Uptime of the Equipment.

Dumbwaiter Lift (Food Lift)

It is best suitable for Hotels, Restaurants, Party Hall, Bungalows & Clubs which enables a speedy service of eatables depending upon the shaft size with speed varying from 0.15-0.30 MPS and capacity of 100-250Kg load.


Freight / Goods Elevator

With string durable and scientific space design products of HYBON Elevators & Escalators, Freight Elevator series fully understands the need of up & down of logistics transportation to provide user  friendly design. Spaciousness and extremely  convenient technology makes it reliable. Freight Lift carries the speed of 0.32 MPS with a capacity of 500-10000 kg of load.

Machine Room Less (MRL) Elevator

The birth of our Machine Room Less (MRL) products, catering for low to medium rise buildings, was a result of technological advancement and innovative research. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) Gearless Drive unit is installed inside the shaft, eliminating the need for a stereotype Machine Room, and, hence reducing the construction cost. Furthermore, this allows more freedom and flexibility in the building’s architectural design.

Machine Room Less Elevators


  • Escalators are suitable for Hotels, Office Buildings, Supermarkets & Airports.
  • The step width can vary from 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm
  • The inclination can be 30⁰ to 65⁰.
  • The alternative function includes VVVF, auto-lubrication & error analysis.

Moving Walk

HYBON range of Moving Walkways form integrated horizontal and vertical transport systems that will enhance both the appearance and operation of any building infrastructure development.  A wide range of finishes and materials are available, as well as a selection of arrangements that perfectly match and compliment their surroundings. The inclined shape perfectly matches environments such as supermarkets, Shopping Malls & Airports. The horizontal is perfectly suited for Airports and Railway Stations.

automobile elevator

Automobile Elevator

Car Auto Door Elevators for Residential/Commercials/Hotels/Clubs/ Bungalows/ Industrial Buildings depending upon the shaft size for convenient movement of passengers and automobiles. It has a speed upto 0.30MPS with a capacity of handling weight upto 3000 Kg.