Machine Room Less (MRL) Elevator

Our Machine Room Less (MRL) design keeps people and the environment in mind with compact and highly efficient Machines which consume little energy, yet deliver a very smooth and safe operation in combination with HYBON’s advanced control and drive system technology.

The birth of our Machine Room Less (MRL) products, catering for low to medium rise buildings, was a result of technological advancement and innovative research. The Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS) Gearless Drive unit is installed inside the shaft, eliminating the need for a stereotype Machine Room, and, hence reducing the construction cost. Furthermore, this allows more freedom and flexibility in the building’s architectural design.

The Speed Limit decided for an MRL is 1.00-1.05 MPS with a capacity of 06 to 20 Passengers.

Over Mounted Main Engine (Standard Type)

Main Engine installed into the space between the shaft top car and the elevator shaft wall, control cabinet installed beside the top lifts door, so as to minimize the link between the control cabinet and the main engine for easier overall maintenance.

Traction System with Green Environment Protection

Weight of Permanent Magnet Synchronous (PMS)  Traction Machine with the compact structure is only half of that of the traditional  Traction Machine. Machine Room has been designed as the same as well as the area. It fully increases the utilization rate of construction. It reduces influence proportion of the machine room in the buildings .

Compact Control Cabinet

It applies Elevator special –purpose thin control cabinet that has been custom-made by Premier Company. It effectively saves the well space and increase the utilization rate of building space through reducing thickness of control cabinet.

The effective energy saving car Lighting

Energy consumed by the car lighting shares approximately 40% of the total elevator energy consumption. Premier applies the effective energy saving and long life LED lamps to replace the traditional halogen lights. The service life is 10 times higher than that of the halogen lights. It can save upto 80% of the energy cost.