Hybon Group has been in business for almost three decades. They began with electrical products such as radios and transistors and gradually expanded into electronic products as technology advanced. Hybon Elevators Division was eventually discovered in 2013 with the objective of constructing the safest and most elegant elevators.

Mr. Kuljeet Singh Sehgal, Chairman of Hybon Group, and his two sons, Mr. Saran Sehgal, Mr. Ratan Sehgal, and Mr. Prabodh Kumar, make up our Leadership Team. Their combined efforts and unwavering dedication have propelled Hybon Elevators to the top of the Premium Designer Elevators industry, where they offer stunning interior design as well as safety and quality.


Hybon Elevators & Escalators Pvt. Ltd. began operations in 2013 and is headquartered in Vikas Puri, New Delhi. 

Their design team consists of competent and experienced engineers and with eight years of hands-on expertise in delivering elevator services to a wide range of industries, they are moving forward at a quick and strong pace with the goal of dominating the elevator market.

Hybon Elevators was the first elevator firm in India to open an Elevator Experience Center in 2016. In 2019, the factory in Noida welcomed the second Experience Center.

It became the first elevator company in the world to have a “Showroom on Wheels” in 2020, which allows us to bring the Showroom to the client if they are unable to travel to the Experience Center. The journal Elevator World (USA) recognized this achievement by printing it in one of its editions with the heading “Taking it to the Streets.”


Hybon Elevators are not only compliant with Indian safety regulations, but they are also certified by the Liftinstituut Netherlands for European (EN) safety rules. In our elevators, we use “Closed Loop technology,” which allows for 100% Leveling Accuracy, Noise Free Ride, and Jerk Free Ride. Our installation personnel have been thoroughly trained to perform high-quality work while adhering to all safety rules. Hybon provides 24-hour assistance to all of its clients through a centralized Customer Care Center. We have a four-hour turnaround time. In the event of an emergency, however, our service teams are tracked via GPS by the Customer Care Center and dispatched to the location.

The work reflects their dedication to their customers and is constantly striving to dominate the market. They have an unquenchable ambition to achieve in the field of technology, making them one of the best options available.