Freight / Goods Elevator

With string durable and scientific space design products of HYBON Elevators & Escalators, Freight Elevator series fully understands the need of up & down of logistics transportation to provide user  friendly design. Spaciousness and extremely  convenient technology makes it reliable. Freight Lift carries the speed of 0.32 MPS with a capacity of 500-10000 kg of load.

Optional Features

Door Finishes – M.S. Collapsible Manual Doors/MS Powder Coated Auto Door / SS Hairline Auto Door. 

Switch Panel Buttons – Surface Micro Electro Button

Switch Panels Display – Seven Segment Digital LED Display & Digital DOT Matrix Display

Salient Features

Sturdy & Durable – Cabin is made of highly intensified shaped materials able to carry various kinds of Cargos.

Accurate Leveling – The accuracy of the leveling can be controlled within a scope of several millimeters.

Large Door Width – Multiple Folded Cabin Door Structure is employed to reach the maximum width, which facilitates the entry of large cargos.