Affordable And Comfortable Luxury

Hybon group has been active in the business world for over three decades. They started their journey with electrical products, then moved towards electronics. Even after prospering in the electronics world, they didn’t stop and kept elevating towards a greater goal which gave birth to the Hybon elevators in the year 2013,with the vision of making elevator rides memorable and filled with the essence of comfortable luxury.

The combined efforts of the leadership team consisting of Kuljeet Singh Sehgal and his two sons Saran Sehgal and Rattandeep Sehgalhas made Hybon elevators what it is today. The three pillars of Hybon elevators are shown below:

Its head office is in Vikas Puri, New Delhi which is as luxurious as the elevators they provide, and the pictures shown below perfectly portray its beauty.

We have experienced and qualified engineers using 3D Design Software to give an attractive look to the elevator. With eight years of hands-on experience in providing elevator services to a plethora of sectors, they are walking forward with an agile and strong pace aiming towards ruling the elevator market.

In 2016, it became the first elevator company in India to have an Experience Center of Elevators. In 2019, the second Experience Center was established in the factory in Noida which is shown below:

 In the last 8 years, it has done business over 10000 elevators across diversified Market segments i.e., hospitals and schools, hotels and resorts, mall and commercial buildings, residential apartments etc.

Their services include capsule elevator, stretcher elevator, dumbwaiter or food lift, goods elevator, machine room less elevator, automobile elevator and more.

Image 1. Capsule elevator  
image 2. Stretcher elevator
Image 3.  Food Lift     
image 4. Goods Elevator
Image 5. Machine Room Less Elevator
Image 6. Automobile Elevator

The services of Hybon also achieved the certification of safety and quality which is not an easy feat to pull. Providing safety with equal amounts of luxury is not something anybody can do, and it shows that they are working up to the expectations they set when they started their journey.

It became the first Elevator Company in the world to achieve the milestone of having a “Showroom on Wheels” taking their business to a whole new level which even grabbed the attention of the magazine Elevator World (USA) and they got featured in one of their editions and which was titled as “Taking it to the Streets“.

The pace with which they are moving shows how passionate and dedicated they are towards their services and customers. Their will to thrive in the world of technology par excellence, which makes them one of the best options out there in the market.