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Hybon Elevators and Escalators Pvt Ltd. offers a wide range of variety in elevator interior design ranging from basic designs to luxury cabins. Every cabin is designed to create a unique custom design that specifically addresses the building or the client’s requirement.

Our design team understands that every client has a unique taste and thus have the the option of either choosing from a large variety from our palette or a completely new, customised design is prepared to fulfil the needs.

From the first stage, our design team works with the mood palette, with the client which leads to 2D drawings, followed by realistic 3D renderings to ensure client satisfaction. 3D models along with 2D drawings allow the design intent, schemes and palettes to be illustrated from a variety of perspectives.

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Once a design has been selected and approved, Hybon’s in-house CAD mechanical engineers create a complete set of project drawings which includes all project specific data, code requirements and relevant information for customer approval. Customisation at this level is also required for particular sites, our team customises technical requirements and prepare site-specific drawings.


Hybon has a team of experts who carefully examine every site through a two-step site inspection, where they document all details of the site. Our Installation team provides elevator installation solutions, customised for each site uniquely for architects, builders, contractors, and consultants. We install efficient, effective, and reliable elevators.

Our installation team has a group of efficient people who thoroughly check each and every product being installed.



Elevator modernisation is the most common kind of elevator solution that is difficult but necessary to find. We at Hybon upgrade our elevators to make it safer, according to the norms, to comply with the Bombay Lift Act & Delhi Lift Act, and to make it more aesthetically pleasing. (as per requirement)

We can carefully assess the condition of your elevators mechanical components as well by conducting a thorough field survey. Based on the results of this survey, we will recommend to retain, recondition, or replace equipment as per the circumstances.


Hybon has a 24 hours call back service with our toll free number 1800-2000-867. With teams spread all  over Delhi, we at hybon are happy to serve you at any hour. Our teams conduct monthly visits at each site to ensure proper functioning and maintenance of all our sites.

Our preventive and corrective maintenance programs ensure maximum uptime availability. Our Wide network of service across our operating countries ensures we have the ability to tailor local personalised service plans for each customer equipment – tailored maintenance programs based on technical characteristics, usage and environment.

Our priority and aim is to have a happy client. We collaborate with the clients by getting to know their needs and we help them achieve their goals. Our results are our best guarantee. Our committed, efficient and knowledgeably trained team allow us to establish long – term relationships with our clients. The satisfaction of our customers is the vital goal for us.



At Hybon Elevators and Escalators we believe that our service starts from the first moment of contact. We’re happy to be your partner for reliable, solution oriented support. With our understanding of serivice, based on the successful interplay between people, processes and products, we ensure your system’s availability, efficiency and safety.