Make-Over For Your Home Elevator

If you have been using your residential elevator for a reasonably long time, or have moved into a home with an existing elevator you might feel a need to give your elevator a make-over.

There are several things that you can do to refresh and personalize its décor. From minor modifications to overall overhauls, given below are the top things you can do to make your old elevator feel like new.

  1. Lighting –  the easiest way to revitalize your elevator is to change the lighting fixtures inside the elevator.
  2. Flooring – As with other rooms in the home, the flooring utilized in the elevator can be changed to complement the home.
  3. Control Panels – The car operating panel and hall operating panels may be changed to give your elevator a makeover.
  4. Gate/Door – Both the door on the landing and the gate/door of the elevator car can be changed to suit your preference. This changes  the look of your elevator substantially.
  5. Paint – The elevator cars can frequently be painted to match the changes in the overall decor.Here you need to keep the material of the elevator car in mind.
  6. Complete replacement of elevator car – Depending upon the need and the budget, the elevator car can itself be completely replaced. Delhi’s leading Elevator manufacturer, Hybon Elevators can help you customize a new elevator car to suit your liking.

An elevator is an investment that provides both accessibility and convenience for many years. If you have any quesries or want to explore your options, you can get in touch with the experts at Hybon Elevators by clicking here.